Poetry by J.V. Foerster

Pushcart nominated by Fox Chase Review and included in Rosemont College Press and Philadelphia Stories Anthology “50 Over 50: Celebrating Experienced and Emerging Women Writers”.

When Angels Sing
by J. V. Foerster
Did you know when angels sing
it’s a foghorn
with a 1000 harmonies.
Close in your ear at night
so near you cannot move.
The tickling buzzing
of authenticities stretch
deep inside.If you rise you are
dizzy & captured
by the intention
to walk new pathways.For days you’ll long
to see just one lone feather
floating by your bed.
You will not find it.What I am telling you is
the ships at sea
are not closer to God
then we
they are here in this fog sailing.
Published Red River Review

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

There was a delicate balance between Brady’s blue eyes & the far off sandy mesa.
As a boy they scanned
the rich fields of Minnesota,
but now he searched for that truth
some men say you only find in the desert.
Day’s of chasing blue tailed lizards
& nights listening to gun pops up the hill where Mexican gang bangers party.
His truck camper sealed out the noise
of friendships & the messy racket of love.
Only thing followed along good
was Red the Blue Heeler
turning round & round a nervous antennae.
Once way back, he let slip in
for a short time, a little brown skinned girl named Rosita. At midnight she’d
wash his hair & at dawn pat tortillas
out to soak up the whiskey in his belly.
Now alone he waited in the
searing buzz of the heat.
Head firm to the stretched horizon. He watched for his eightieth year the dark horseman
with all the answers